A happy person will have a healthy body. A negative person will have a sick body.

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A couple called up. They said that their 2 years old daughter is very sick. She is not improving in her health and doctors are unable to do any thing. They are saying that gradually her immunity will pick up and she will recover. Generally kids are happier and free souls in comparison to grown ups. However, they absorb environmental negativity like sponge. They do not like it when people around them fight. So they become unhappy internally and they fall sick. So I asked, if they have been fighting and the couple was silent. I told them, why kids fall sick in such homes and the lady burst our crying.S he started blaming her husband for his drinking problems and spending more time with friends than family. Then he also started blaming her and they started fighting then and there only. I intervened and told them that this is why your daughter is sick. It is not about who is doing what? Can’t you both make an effort to live in harmony and be happy atleast when you have a child. Then she started crying further that even she had been falling sick and she always has so many small accidents at home where she keeps managing small injuries. Again she was about to blame her husband and I told her that you both have to be blamed. They both understood that to improve everyone’s health in family, they will have to improve environment at home and it is not about keeping quiet (Which could mean not fighting from the top, but arguing internally, holding up negative energy). It is about being happy with each other. They really worked on their relationship, created a happy life and also made an effort everyday to make their daughter smile. Her health also improved gradually.

Our body is responding to our emotions. When we are negative, sad, unhappy, angry, our immune system takes a toll. When we go emotionally low, we start falling sick. Our body is managed with the energy we are creating inside us. If we are happy, we create positive energy, which starts boosting our immune system and body. But if we are negative, we cannot provide fresh energy, infact we reach to a mode where we want to consume energy so we end up depleting our life force energy so we fall sick.

What we have to do to be happy, most of us know that. It is just one more big enough reasons to be happy and healthy. If we are happy, people around us also will be healthy, our home, kids, servants, everything will be happy and healthy.

Let’s create a happy and healthy world.