Love says, I am within you. This is who you are.

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Met a gentleman, who had suffered great losses in his life. His wife died in an accident and with in one year his only child also died. He wondered if he was being punished for something. He started telling himself that there is no love. We waste our lives when we love. There is no space of love in life. People who would love their families, he would go and tell them, this is the reason you are going to suffer in life. People started staying away from him and he started feeling further lonely. He used to sit alone and curse life, God, love and everything that could be there in anyone’s faith. However, whenever he cursed and he said do not ever come back to me, he felt he is getting a voice saying i am within you, this is who you are. How can I go away from you. You cannot take away the flow of wind. You cannot take away flow from water. You can never take away heat from fire. Fragrance from flowers, flight from birds. This is who they are. This is their nature. So love is your true nature. How can you get separated from me. This is who you are. You have lost family but you are a part of someone else’s family too. More than that you were created by God as a part of his family. However, he kept ignoring such messages.

So one day, he was sitting outside in cold and he saw a kitten murmuring. It was like saying, please save me. i am dying. He brought that kitten inside and wrapped it up in some woollen cloth. Then he gave her some milk. In the morning when it was sunny, he tried sending her off but it was not ready to move. She started licking his feet. So he gave her milk further and felt she might not be well. So he let her stay. So this continued for few days. When he will come back home, he will look for her, make her cosy, get her milk and next morning he started playing with her before leaving for work. One day, when he wanted her to go out, he started feeling depressed. He felt he will be lonely again. He started taking care of that kitten and slowly he started coming back to life. Now, he no longer complained, he just smiled. He did not talk bad about love and life. He knew he felt love and he was more giving person than ever before. He helped people in need more and he hugged them more.

This is who we all are. Love!