Respect your body, love your body. You are living in it.

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One 6 years old child was great fond of eating junk food. He would like to eat chips, burgers, pizzas etc always. His mother tried explaining him many times and he did not understand. Finally his mother started a different kind of experiment. She would leave some garbage and more garbage everyday in his room. He would make face, scream and all but she said it is fine. After 10 days, when he was fully irritated and he felt his room was stinking, he told his mother, he would not like to live in that room. That day, his mother replaced the garbage with fresh pots of plants and incense sticks. he felt very refreshing and started appreciating his experience. he also shared that he felt happier and he felt like doing more things and also study more. Also he felt calmer instead of irritated. So this also continued for 10 days and when his mother asked if she should stop all this, he requested to continue.

That time, his mother took an opportunity. She told him, see when you had little garbage around, you were not happy and when you had all natural things around, you have been feeling happy and delighted. This is how our body also feels. When we eat lots of junk, our body feels lots of garbage inside. If continues to stay for days and days, your soul feels bad in your body and then you start attracting different ailments. But if you provide yourself with more natural and healthy food, you feel like living in that room more and more. So your body also feels that way.

He understood the point and started working on his eating habits.

We need to respect our body and provide it with the food and thoughts which will nurture it rather than kill it. Would we do that to our home? Would we take a hammer and start hammering the walls? We will do everything to keep it neat and clean and strong. So why not with body?

Do exercise
Eat healthy
Think Positive
Give love, receive love with open arms
Take fresh air, sunlight and spend time in nature

Love your body to love your life.