Loves heals, love transforms. Our natural state is of love joy and peace.

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Sometimes we want to sit and experience our own being. We just want to be there in that moment. We are not thinking, we are not doing, we are not observing. We are just in the moment and enjoying that being. We do not want to worry about what’s happening and what will happen. practically, everything will scream that please have worries. How can you be so peaceful. But that is the natural state. Our natural state is of love, joy and peace. That is the state our soul wants to be in as that is who we are. We learn all the worries, all fears after we are born. We were born naturally happy and peaceful.

We just feel so connected to the whole Universe inside and outside that nothing is disturbing. Everything seems to be fine and if it is not, we feel that everything will be fine. Everything is a part of the Universal process and will be fine eventually. We do everything we should be doing everyday, but the emotions are different. You know, internally there is no turmoil. There is peace. There is faith. You are more detached. You know whats authentic. You stay away from drama but you do not become a part of it when it’s around you. You just smile over life and it’s miracles and challenges. You feel the peace inside you and this is what you create around you. that is when we are totally blended in this Universe. That is when we are no longer creating or place here. that is when we truly feel home with the Universe. It’s like when we go to a new place, we are careful. We want to be accepted, we want to be valued and respected too. So we struggle for that. But when we start feeling home, we relax. We know it’s home. I can be myself. This is how we feel when we are in our natural state. We feel at home.

This natural state comes more and more with love, not from fear. Love does not have to be from one person or thing. We simply have to be in state of love. When we are in state of love, whatever is there, we see it from the perspective of love. There is no question of ego or fear. We just let everything to happen rather than trying to make things happen. This is our natural state. We flow with the Universe.

Enjoy being love, peace and joy.