Be aware of what you are talking in your head. That’s creating you and your life.

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One girl who was trying to settle in a new job called up. She shared that I have so many fears and I am so scared all the time because most of the times things come true. So I am scared of thinking also. Because I am so scared always, I feel so tired and I do not get mixed up with anyone. So I asked her, if she thinks that whatever she was thinking was happening and she agreed!

I am glad she felt that way. So we discussed how human mind is thinking. Our thoughts which are backed up by our emotions as our emotions provide energy to our thoughts, start manifesting. Positive or negative is our take on that. Universe is responding to our thoughts. It is not judging. Our life becomes a projection of our mind. So whatever we are thinking, it is creating for us. So we have to be aware of what we are thinking and where is our energy flowing. She had fears, so they were manifesting. So when she started learning that how actually we are creating our lives, she started thinking in a positive way. Her life started changing for better.

The most important conversation we have through out the day is within our head. When we are talking to strangers, friends, neighbours, we are very careful to put up a best picture and we want to look good also. But the most important conversation is in our head and we just let it happen. We do not try to see what’s going on inside it. Whats the impact it is creating. Is it draining our energy or giving us energy.

So what shall we do?

Be aware of what you are thinking and the thoughts which are draining your energy.
Make an effort to release negative thoughts. Ask yourself, is it worth, can something be done, where does it matter and counsel yourself.
Infuse yourself with positive ideas.
Constructively engage your mind.
Focus on what you want and how you want your life to be.
Create healthy and positive images of yourself and your life. Do not keep focusing on the grim pictures.

Live a better life in your mind!