Working on self will help us in working with others.

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No one wanted to be her friend in the office. If someone befriended her, they distanced themselves after sometime. She always wondered why she did not have friends. She always found one or other reason to blame for. One day, she was having an argument with one of colleagues and he shouted at her saying, she could never have any friend with this attitude. When she is talking, she wants everyone to listen. When others talk, she wants them to talk about her. She is always comparing herself with others. She wants to have friends to show herself off rather than creating an equal friendship. She wondered if this was all true. Then she sat and took an account of her life. She realized, at home also, her servants keep changing. If someone has stayed for more than a month, she has found it as a blessing. She asked her current that if she would work with her for a long time and the cook was silent. She got an answer. She asked her cleaning maid and that cleaning maid was already planning to leave. She said, you have never supported me in any of my issues which is ok, but you have always threatened me. If this breaks, I will deduct your salary, if this happens, I will report to the security, if that happens, i will make sure, you do not find any job etc. So finally, i am leaving, you can do whatever you want.

This was a wake up call for her. So she realized, she did not have to work on making friends. She had to work on herself. She has to develop compassion, along with many other human qualities. She also started working on lowering down her expectations from others. When she spoke, she listened rather than talking. When she listened, she blessed. She started inviting people at her place. She did not show them off her house but she focused on making sure they were relaxed and had fun, so that they wanted to come again. Her servants started staying in, office, people wanted to talk to her more and more. It was becoming very easy to work with people at home and office. She wondered all those years, she was in oblivion thinking people are bad to her. But in reality she did not work on herself enough!