Tell yourself today that it’s going to be the most amazing day of your life. Everything will be wonderful.

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One gentleman called up, who has been struggling with flow of money in business. He shared that everyday, he wakes up tensed, has no strength to call up people and then physically he feels so tired. before he sits down for work, he starts feeling so depressed that even if someone has to pay money, he feels they are snubbing him.

I asked him, what else does he do? He shared that he deals in share market too and he has been earning money and that’s how he has been managing his daily finances. So do you think that if you sit there with a depressed mind, will you earn money in shares? he said no. He sits there with 100% focus, uses all the energy of his mind and then only he is able to earn money. Good! Another thing he mentioned “I know I will make money there!

So we agree here, that, if we sit with 100% focus, 100% amazing positive energy and a thought process that I will make money here, you make it or else you lose there too! So he agreed.

Our mind works equally for everything. If it works for shares like this, then it works for everything like this. second thing, if you will wake up depressed in your thoughts for your other work, your body reacts to your mind. Your body will get depressed too, which means, loss of energy.

He realized, so he started waking up with one thought written all over his mind. It’s going to be an amazing day. Everything will be wonderful. Everything will be beautiful.

He could see the change from day one. Things started improving and becoming better.

Our mind is creating our life. If our mind is negative, it can never create a positive life. We need to create a positive life with positive mind. We cannot control whats happening in life, but we can definitely control, whats happening in mind. So take charge. tell yourself, it’s going to be a happy, healthy, amazing, wonderful day, full of love.