You have to love yourself, before you love someone else.

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One girl called up, she said I want best for myself. Which is a good thing. Then she started sharing, that how she has lost many opportunities in her search for the best. After all this, now when she compares her life to others, she feels she is behind all of her friends. After talking to her further, i realized, she has always been finding problems with herself because she wanted to be best. Apart from that, she could not maintain her relationships also as she was finding problems in others too. She had many arguments in favour of that like shouldn’t we strive for best? Shouldn’t we keep working on ourselves and all. yes we have to, but what’s the problem in appreciating? The problem is in finding problems. The problem is in not dealing with love. You are finding problems in yourself and then in others because this is how you have trained your mind to think. Why should a person be with you? Just to hear constant criticism?

It reminded me of a small analogy. Where a teacher asked her student to go and collect the best strand of wheat. She said that you can pick only one and you cannot go back. So there was a student who came empty handed because he kept leaving every strand thinking, there would be better than what he had got.But he was the one, who did not have anything in his hands.

So to get what she wanted, she had to believe in herself first. For that she had to stop finding problems in herself. For that she had to start loving herself the way she was. After that she could stop finding faults in everyone and everything. Once she lovingly accepted herself, she was able to accept others too. She could find happiness, when she was able to accept herself. She loved herself and after that she was able to love everyone and everything too. When she was criticising herself, she was doing it with everyone else too. She was giving what she had.