Pray for everyone you meet and everyone you think of.

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From today, let’s start something new in our lives.

If a name comes in our mind or if we meet someone, whether it’s our enemy or parents, friend or foe, someone who has unfriended us or someone who has hurt us, someone who is serving us and not doing duty honestly, someone who is taking our services and not paying on time, someone who is talking bad about us or a stranger. whether it’s in office or on road, in traffic or on red light..anyone, anywhere. Let’s pray and bless. Let’s pray for everyone. Let’s bless everyone. Even if you are feeling angry, shift your focus to pray. Even if you are hurt, shift your focus to pray for that person.

Nothing we do is for someone else. Everything we do is for self. In Bhagwad Gita Krishna says, people don’t even go to temple for God. They go to temple because they need God. So this is for self. After following this for whole day..


How do you feel before sleeping (Is there any change in peace)
How was the day (Was it more peaceful and positive)

Start taking this slowly day by daya nd observe the change in life in one month.

You will be amazed with the miraculous turn around of life. You will see many more miracles happening in your life.

So what does this mean, we are creating every reality. With our powers of prayers and love, we will fill up own life with whatever we have been looking for.

So God bless you all…