Abundance comes from mind, gratitude, happiness, peace, compassion….are we into it?

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Someone asked me, how can I earn money. I said be happy!

What’s the correlation? I though you would say, work hard, start a business and everything else.

Let’s start from a basic component of our lives. We go to meet a friend and as soon as we enter, we see a fight happening and the environment is stressed out and cold. So we finish our work somehow and come back. Now, every time we go there, we find something similar. What would we do? We will stop going there or we will start avoiding going there. Why? Because there is no peace, we do not feel happy there.

Now, another scenario, we over hear one friend, talking about about us like we spoil people, we are bad or no one should meet us more etc. Then? We will stay away from that person too.

We meet someone, who is always making a bad face when he or she sees us. What would we do? We would start avoiding that person!

We give a gift to one person and he disregards saying why didn’t you bring that? He just keeps that aside. Then? We would not like to take that gift often!

On the other hand, we go to a friend, we see lots of happiness around, we just enjoy there, what would we do? We would like visiting that friend again and again.

Then we meet a friend, who say, I love this person, who talks nicely of us from heart and has genuine love for us then? We would like to be with that person more and more.

Then we meet a person, who is always happy to see us, excited, hugs us, we would like to spend time with that person.

We meet a friend, who is always grateful for what we brought, even if we did not take any gift, is grateful that we met, then? We would be happy to meet that friend.

Now, in all these examples, let’s replace, you or we with money.

Won’t money do same?

So lets be happy, so that we can create a happy abode for it.
LEt’s be grateful for it and what all we have.
Let’s be happy for what others have (No scope of jealousy or competition, there is an abundance of everything)

Its like a river of happiness and love. Everything starts prospering when things are nurtured with love and happiness. When everything starts nurturing, abundance is being created in that abode!

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