You design it and let Universe create it for you!

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One gentleman said I want to create my life. I felt very happy. I really really appreciate people who take charge of life. Then he sat silently. I asked him what happened? He said that i am too small in front of the Universe, I need huge resources. How can I call upon everything to be a co creator for me? That is true. So I thought for few seconds and I realized that we are the designer and co creator. Now, in that co creator, our role is like of a child. A child brought a set of blocks to his mother and showed a design. He said that I want to make it. So the mother said, let’s do it. So they started building it together. The mother was guiding the child, please put that block here and then this and that. So the son finally clapped as he completed the structure. Did he complete it? Yes! But what was the force behind it? His mother! He showed the design and the mother guided him to put the blocks and he did it!

This is what we all have to do. We have to create a design in mind and Universe will guide us to put the blocks as a co creator. So whether we call ourselves as a designer, creator or a Co creator. So we actually do not have to worry about the Big Universe or how the resources will happen. Infact what is worrying actually can be a big support. Like a child is happy that he has a design, so his mom will help. He is not worried that My mom is there, now how will I make it?

So go and create a design and Universe will implement that design for you. Finding everything it has in it’s bag. And trust me, there is nothing as a part of the design, which Universe does not have in its bag…So..go..go..go…get it done..but yes..have a design in your mind..