Kindness is the language of hearts. Which every heart can feel.

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There was a furious dog on the street, injured and he was barking badly. people were watching but scared to goto him. One gentleman appeared, he said in a loud voice that I am not going to hurt you, I am going to help you. May be that gentleman already came with an intention that he will help the poor guy. That gentleman went close by to that dog and he suddenly stopped barking. There was a nail stuck in his foot, which the gentleman took with the help. He later on shared that he was a vet. But how did the dog know? He said that he has always experienced that animals sense our feelings. If we have fear, they react to fear. if we have love and kindness, they react to same. For them, we all look same. They react to our feelings.

I wondered at the power of love again. I always say that love is the flow of this Universe and it connects everyone and everything. And every creature present here on this planet, in this Universe is connected with it. If we approach with love, we are a part of the flow and if we do not approach with love, we start getting out of the flow and with that we start creating imbalances.

In another example of kindness, I saw a little girl feeling very happy. i asked her for the reason and she said that yesterday in her school, they were taught about compassion and they could help. So she went and shared her favourite things with the girl living down the street. So i asked her, how do you feel. She was sad for a moment and she said that, though it was not easy to part with favourite chocolates and other things but it was worth. because I realized, I had so many and I get almost everyday but she got it for the first time as she shared. So I told her, she could keep all and when i saw her hahppy, I felt so happy. But what was amazing was, she offered me from that also saying, if I was not left with any. So I realized, it is so good to share with love. This girl had only one, still she was happy sharing. So we have become good friends now.

I was again amazed at this! Power of love, power of kindness, power of giving!

Again and again I keep getting the message, the satisfaction which we get by giving is highest. A kind heart is always peaceful and happy!