Take a break and see the life around you. Its beautiful.

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There were guests at home, they also had kids, then my kids, so everyone was busy talking and playing. There was so much of life and I was busy running and taking care of everyone. In that moment I just sat for few minutes and looked around to give myself a break. What I saw was so beautiful. Men talking and smiling. They were tired but happy for being there. Kids were laughing (That was the best part). They were sharing toys, hugging and laughing again. I did not expect that from 2-4 years old kids. Two mothers talking and trying to feed their kids simultaneously. They were also laughing. Though there were used dishes on the table waiting to be picked up, toys scattered everywhere, waiting to be put back into their baskets, kids shoes hurled here and there. Balloons and balloon’s pieces everywhere. So there was a chaos, there was a mess which i was busy cleaning up. But amidst this mess there was the actual life. Where everyone was happy and talking. I kind of felt love flowing everywhere suddenly. When I felt that love, the mess appeared so beautiful. I felt that it was such a blessing to have those dishes and scattered mess. That mess meant life! I felt peaceful and rejuvenated. Just observing the beauty of life amidst mess gave me all the energy needed!

Isn’t life always like this? There is a mess to be cleaned up in our to do list but then there is another part of life which is fun amidst that mess? Please take a break, do not think of anything. Just observe what is there. enjoy the beauty of everything in that moment. May be you will see the most beautiful smiles, most beautiful things. Be in the moment. Just be there. It does not have to be outside in scenic beauty or at a special place. Have your moment of now or peace anywhere, where ever you are. Be happy for being you and give a pat to yourself for having a life. be grateful for the life, it’s challenges and what all you are able to do in that moment.

It’s a beautiful life but we need to see the beauty of life to feel it. There will always be many things to be admired by us, to be loved by us. Just feel the life inside you and you will be happy you.