Your words can make or break someone’s day and life. Please choose your words with love.

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Two calls back to back came where the person was broken because someone else had said many bad things to them. They were upset and crying. Someone did not care about their emotions and just hurled out few words and said later on, it was nothing. I was just joking. You are too sensitive to take anything and few more things like that.

I wonder, when we will become sensitive to what we are saying and start speaking with love. When will we learn to understand the kind of impact our words have on the other person.

Words are such a powerful tool we have. My mom always said, you should always watch your tongue. I know what she meant now. She meant the same. May be in some other context, but this is what I have learned from her apart from many more things.

Often we think that we think a lot but what I have realised is, we do not think. We are just a part of the thought process which is already running in our mind. If we can learn to think and then think before what we are talking and saying toi others, most of the problems of our lives will get solved. If we have to say something, may be once we can think, how can I say it with love (we do not have to think, how can I not hurt). If we can learn to speak with love, we will not have to worry about, the other person’s feelings, what the other person will think of me question, I should not hurt the other person stress, and we can stay positive and peaceful.

We may not realize that every word which is running in our mind is bringing a change in our energy. Every negative word we have in our mind whether it is for self or for someone else, eats up our energy and every positive word like love, happiness and joy takes our energies up. It really keeps on high vibrational mode. So when we learn to speak with love, we start helping ourselves first before helping someone else.

So from today, before you say anything, ask yourself, will it create more love?