Feel the gratitude of every moment you are living.

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Someone said that, I have nothing to be grateful for. I have lost everything and I am suffering so much. Made me wonder, first of all we need to receive something to lose and who gave us that and then what makes us think we are entitled for everything?

It reminded me of a story. There was a sage, who was meditating in the middle of a desert. There was a Pomegranate tree under which he was living. This tree will produce one fruit everyday. So the sage will take the fruit, offer it’s juice to the God and have it. One day, he was tired of his routine and started complaining to God that I am offering you juice also everyday. i am meditating so hard for you, why am I not meeting you. God said, you are eating only one fruit everyday and offering that to me also but have you ever thought that in the midst of the desert, why you are receiving at least one pomegranate everyday? Who is giving you one fruit everyday? (Means, God was making sure that this sage gets his nourishment everyday).

So the learning is, either to see it with ego, that I get only one fruit and I am serving it or be grateful that I am receiving it.

This learning is applicable everywhere in life. What challenge is bringing what blessing in life we do not know. We never know, what’s happening behind the scene. So be grateful for all the challenges, all the blessings, just be grateful. No complaints and no accusations. We cannot lose faith, we cannot lose hope, we can simply be grateful for every moment and the life in every moment. We do not know, how much effort Universe is putting in every moment for each one of us to make sure, we are doing better and live. How much effort parents, put in to manage whole house, children, food, health and everything? Still we feel that we have always missed in something. So can we imagine all the efforts which are going in for billions of people, all the creatures, all the vegetation and environment and everything else as a system?

We can never. We complain because we are thinking only as a single unit. So just be grateful for the moment you are in! See the magic behind everything!