Most of the times it will take an effort to be who you are, but be who you are. That’s the best gift you can have.

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Met a very beautiful lady, who looked very beautiful. But she looked very sad. I asked her why she was so sad. She replied that because she is beautiful, because people have given her a pretty face. So people assume that she would have lot of attitude, she would be dumb and she would be incapable. I was shocked! She said that, people who are not so pretty did not have to prove their intelligence but because she is pretty, she has to prove herself a lot. Second thing, she spent most of her energy on proving to others rather than what she wanted. I asked her, what do you want? She came up with the answer after 2-3 days and she said that she wanted to be free and enjoy her life not caring what others are thinking and be who she was. Which also means being silly some times. She felt so many times to laugh or dress up nicely and go out but she was scared that people would say, she is flaunting herself. I asked her to do what she wanted to do, dress up the way she wanted to and go where ever she wanted to. She was scared as she had heard a lot about herself but she did that finally. She went out and she raised many eye brows. Few were in appreciation and few were making faces. She heard such comments silently but this time she felt there was some jealousy too in those comments which she never realized. She came back laughing, saying I never realized, people could be jealous or simply judgemental while commenting on others. I know I am beautiful, I know I am intelligent, why do I have to worry, what others are thinking of me. Especially, who have own problems!

In another scenario, one gentleman who was working under a senior consultant, always felt oppressed. HE could not give his opinion. Finally he started gathering his strength and started sharing what he felt for every case they were receiving. His boss initially did not like it but gradually started implementing and their consulting firm grew many folds after that. He realized that he could help himself, his boss and his company by being himself. Earlier when he was restricting himself, he could not be peaceful and he was not helping anyone.

Don’t worry about others opinion of you. that is their job to think not yours.
Do not worry about the results. Have a positive intention and everything will fall into place.
Be who you are. Speak your truth.
Give yourself the wings to fly and freedom to live.

You will be happy and better.

If you set yourself free, you will give this space to others too. We restrict ourselves and unintentionally we keep restricting others too. So lets create a new place, which is free and better and full of genuine people.