Only way to be happy is to live with love.

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These days Universe is showering me with love from all the directions. Everyday, I am receiving love from the Universe in various forms. First of all every morning message is so much full of love. Then from family, friends, babies, neighbours, birds, plants….the list is endless. I feel its just coming from all the directions. As I am feeling so full of love, I am feeling so happy also and I feel like doing more and more also for everyone around me too. Which is further bringing in more love.

So a gentleman who was feeling very down came and asked the secret to be happy. I wanted to laugh out of love but held back worrying he might think that I was laughing at him. I did not have to answer the question. The answer came on its own. My caretaker was sitting and doing some work, and my 2 years old daughter came and hugged her tightly saying huggy! The caretaker started smiling and hugged her back saying huggy! I told him, this is how you can be happy. By giving and receiving love.

The only thing which can keeps us alive, happy, rejuvenated, energetic, get going and everything else is the feeling of love. You treat everything with love around you. You treat your people with love. You treat yourself with love. Say loving and kind words to everyone around you. You will have all the peace of the world in your mind and you will be so much full of love. There will be so much light inside you then, that there will be no scope of darkness then.