Be a role model of love and compassion here.

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I am always impressed by people who express compassion for people inside their home. Their domestic support staff (I am not even feeling comfortable using word maid, I find it derogatory). Their own parents and other people around. Then comes the next level of neighbours and friends. Few days back, I met a gentleman, who was helping everyone around, his friends, people on the road and everyone was very appreciative of him. I also felt appreciation inside me rising for him. After that I went to a friend’s place for a cup of coffee and a meeting. He had a big home and everything we can say was a presentation of abundance. i was about to be impressed but then, I heard two servants talking. They were scared that If they will commit any mistake, they will lose their salary, or they may not be allowed to enter into the society again and they may not find any job after this and few more things like that. They were sharing that they did not want to work there but were scared to leave also. As soon as I heard that, I felt so suffocating sitting there.

Quite a day!

After that when ever I was thinking of that day, thinking of first gentleman, always brought a smile on my face and thinking of second one brought a kind of suffocation. It is not about what others are thinking of you. It is about how do you live with that?Kind of peace you get when you are dealing with love and kind of unsettled mind you get when you are stomping over everyone’s emotions, what do you want.

Be loving, be compassionate. Even if someone is doing mistake, it can be told with love not by creating fear. And how would we thrive on such food or energy? Which is served to us with such negativity?