“I have found happiness by giving it to others”.

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Met a young lady sitting in the park smiling. Her smile was irresistible. I felt a force was pulling me towards her. So I walked towards her and asked her if I could talk to her. She asked me to have a seat next to her. I told her that what a beautiful smile she had and I came to compliment about that. Then I asked her the reason for such a peaceful and true happiness. She smiled further and said that till one month back, she might be the saddest person around. She wanted to die. She had left home to kill herself. Then on the way, she saw a small child playing and having one of the most beautiful smiles. HE did not even have clothes to wear and he was wearing a polly bag. So she thought that before dying atleast let me help someone. So she took him to a shop and bought a new dress for the child. The child was jumping with the joy. Seeing him jump, for few moments, she forgot her own sadness. She shared that she did not feel like dying after that. She came back home and wondered if one small service could give her so much peace and happiness, how happy she would be if she would keep helping others.

Uptil now, her focus was what she could gain from the world and how bad people have treated her. Now, her focus was, what more she could give to the world. When she started thinking the reverse way, she felt that she had no more complains and she was always happy. She saw everyone else also happy around her. She started helping sick people, she would hug anyone she would meet, she would do whatever she could everyday to make someone’s life better. Since then she said that she has been smiling only.

I knew then, from where that smile was coming and why it was so irresistible. It was a divine smile which was coming from God’s grace.

Everyone wants to be happy but rarely few are. People keep searching for happiness but surely this is the way.