We can never be happy by holding onto the things which are making us sad.

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One gentleman who had a bad marriage said that he wanted to take revenge on his ex wife and her family. I asked him, how he plans to do that and he said that he was nurturing his anger to take revenge. Whenever he would get an opportunity, he will take revenge. He will sabotage her life. He will never let her settle with anyone. I asked him that what would he get by doing all this and he said that he would be happy and peaceful.

If that’s the destination, then we are on the wrong path. So I brought two mugs. One was new and I filled it up with garbage and one old one, which was already filled with old food but which had not been opened for a long time. So when we opened, it was rotten and smelling. I asked him to clean both of them. He was shocked but he did that. So he was able to clean the new one but unable to clean the old one properly. He said that as it’s kept for long time, it’s stuck on walls and not coming out. It may need few washes. Also it was very bad feeling to clean this old one.

Fair enough!

We want to have a clean vessel of life, which can be easily cleaned also but then we want to hold on to old things which are rotten, how can it be possible? It will stink, spoil the vessel, will not come off easily. So what shall we do, we need to keep cleaning the vessel everyday, so that it stays clean always. We need to let go off the useless things from mind and body everyday. If we hold on to them, it will start rotting inside us. With which we only will smell bad. Moreover, no one else would like to touch or be with us as without realizing, we will start smelling bad and rotten with those bad emotions.

It is our responsibility to keep the vessel clean, let go off bad things and let better things stay in the vessel.

So what can be better things?
Like happy emotions, peaceful emotions, compassion. We will smell good, we will be good and we will be able to spread our fragrance too.