If you want money, accept it with open heart, open arms with love. Tell yourself that i allow myself to receive all the abundance with love and grace.

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Few days back, someone came over for a cup of tea. While talking for everything he was saying, I do not care about money. I am not greedy of money or it is not about money. For every third thing, he was affirming, he did not want money or care for money. But this clearly showed how much he was focused on money. So I asked him, do you want money and again he was in denial. Then why are you talking about money all the time? He was silent? Then again he was saying but we all need money and yes we all. But we all do not talk about it so much. Then I explained him few things:

We all want money and we all need money. But how much we want? There is nothing wrong in desiring all the abundance of the world. We have lots of blockages. Infact we have been told that we are spiritually low, if we ask for more money. We shall limit ourselves to the lowest of needs and wants. But that is not true. We shall just live a free and happy life. We can work towards anything and everything.

We shall be happy for what we want in life. (Even we would not like to go to someone who is not talking good of us does not matter how much he wants us)

We shall be talking good about money. We shall appreciate instead of saying bad things about money. Like its a good thing to have money. It also increases happiness. It can be used for so many good things. Honestly, I have heard bad things about money mostly and how it has spoiled people and their lives and relations. In reality, it depends on you, what you do with it. Money did not spoil relations, it brought out, what was there in side.

Make good use of it. Spend it happily on yourselves and others. Support people with this money. This is how you would want to be. If you are in a job, you would want to do good things rather then harming anyone. So make a good use of it.

Then, never sit on money. It shall be in flow. If you try to keep it hidden for a very long time, the moment it will catch the first wind, it will fly out!

Tell yourself that you allow yourself to live an abundant life.

Live a happy and abundant life.