You create love, when you think of love. Are you thinking with love, for love?

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So what is God made up of? He is made up of love. There is no difference between love and God. Where ever there is love, there is presence of God. Love is what nourishes God. He is pure love and that is why he is God. Love is the flow of this Universe. It keeps people together. it nourishes the divine inside us. Absence of love starves us of our own divinity.

So how can we actually nourish ourselves more? By thinking of love.

So let’s ask today how can we think of love?

When we are feeling negative for someone, when we are feeling of harming someone, when we are feeling of taking revenge, when we are feeling jealous etc, its all absence of love. It creates such a pool of negative energy, it takes us down in everyway. Such people suffer more. Because they are burning themselves more than anything else. It is a path of self destruction.

However, when we think from the eyes of love, like a mother would see her own child, have forgiving approach for everything, even when you slap, you have the highest interest of that person in your mind, all you think of is, how can you love more, how can you bring smiles more then you think of love.

Even when you are doing your work, or cooking or office work or anything else, your intention is that how can this work/food or anything can bring more smiles and happiness for others, how it can bless others, not the other way round like, I am being forced to do work, why the hell my job sucks etc. Then you are creating love. When you think of love, you create love. You nurture yourself and everyone else, who touches you around.

So are we thinking in love, for love?

Tell yourself, I am love, I love, I am loved.