In the battle of right and wrong, right will always win. One who supports wrong will also have to die with them.

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I do not know if anyone does not know about Bhagwad Gita and it’s lessons in India. Krishna told Arjuna that in the battle of Dharam (Righteousness) and Adharam (Unrighteousness) It’s Dharama which will always win. Does not matter how strong Adharam is.

Everyone knows famous story of Kauravas and pandvas. Pandavas were five and Kauravs were 100. they had bigger force. But because they were following Adharam, God was not with them. They lost and all died. So Arjun asked Krishna, why people like Bhishm Pitamah died, who were such strict followers of Dharma. Krishna smiled and took Arjuna to the moment where Dhuryodhan tried removing Draupadi’s clothes in whole big forum. No one said anything. All these people who say they follow Dharam, should have stopped him or if they could not, they should have walked out of that place. But they chose to sit and watch. So people who supported Adharam also died because of Adharam.

Mahabharta is a famous story of two brothers and their clans and how wrong died eventually. But a small form of this is to be seen in almost every household these days. people keep quiet and they keep watching wrong because they have fear of conflicts or consequences. The bad one definitely is always very loud as this is is the only strength the bad one has. Because of this, almost everyone keeps quiet and the person who is right is alone and keeps suffering mostly.

If you do not support right, Universe will support. But please go and support the right one. take a stand for the right one in your life. Do not let the wrong become so strong because of your own fears. Whether it is your brother or own father.

So what is right and wrong? There is no definition as such, we all create own right and wrong. Still deep down, we all know what is right and wrong. We do not have to refer to any book, we just have to follow own guidance system. We need to ask the guidance system inside us and then choose the answer. Do not suppress the voice which is telling you what is right.

Follow your Dharma always!