If you really want to be happy and peaceful, be kind in what you speak, what you do and what you think.

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One gentleman, who used to be very angry almost always asked that how can I be peaceful?

It’s simple, you need to be peaceful. Even he wanted to be peaceful but did not know how.

I asked him to sit for some time, make a note of what all he was thinking and then share with me.

After few minutes, he came back and was little embarrassed to share that he was kind of abusing his colleagues in his mind., After that, he was cursing a beggar whom he had met on road. Then He was mad at his friend for not calling him in a long time. For everything, there was an anger. If he would be so angry at everyone in his mind, he will always be angry and if he is always angry, how will he stay peaceful? So I asked if you have ever expressed your anger to all of these and he said no. I have always learned to control my anger. But what we do not realize is anger is such a high negative energy. Either we shall express or not feel. But if we are feeling we must plan an outlet. Either by talking to someone or by expressing of displeasure. But if we keep piling up, it will be like creating a volcano inside.

So for first few days, he just expressed and talked about his anger and words about everyone. He had to get rid of his emotions that being angry or feeling bad for someone is bad. After that he had to conscious;y work on thinking of everything with kindness. If his servant was serving or not serving properly, how could he be kind to him? If someone scratched his car, how could he be kind? If his colleagues were behaving in a certain way, then he asked them instead of simply cursing them. Gradually he started feeling peaceful. Next step was to take a step forward and be compassionate to strangers. Express kindness to them. He started helping anyone on the road and cherished those smiles. He will simply offer water to the street people and he realized that everyone was blessing him so much. He started being kind and he started receiving kindness from everyone. He started feeling peaceful for the world around and what all he was doing. It was a journey of kindness he travelled.

Can we be kind today?