Neither what others think of you or what you think of others is your job.

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One gentleman was in huge depression. He had huge losses in business and he had to close down his factory. He felt that he has lost social status and that’s why he slipped into depression. He stopped going out, he stopped meeting friends and being part of social gatherings. After few years, his family finally took him for professional help where he realized that he slipped into such a bad time just thinking what others are thinking of him.

One lady who had been doing everything to support her family on the parental side after her father’s death got a shock of her life when her brother did not treat her well after getting married. She started cursing him and his wife and this thing of blaming and cursing increased her aggression so much that she had to take professional help. Later on, she realized that she had spoiled her family life and her health by thinking bad of others. She should have just shifted her focus back on her family.

We all are good at building an opinion about others and we are scared that others should not build an opinion about us or if they are building one, it has to be good. We think bad of others and we want others to think good of us. How can it be possible? Second thing, why to waste so much of precious energy every day in analyzing what others are thinking and what I am thinking of others? Why can’t we use to create some goals, to improve own life and others and to work on goals?

In reality, neither what others are thinking of me or what I think of others is our job. Both the things do not matter. It’s a sheer wastage of precious energy and we end up creating a pool of negative energy also inside us. The focus should be on:

Own life
How to improve it
How to solve own challenges
How to be of service to man kind
How to support nature.

After that, if we still have time, actually I think we will not have time.

Happy creation!