God descends in love.

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Sometime back, I went to a child care centre. It was a kind of an orphanage. Also, a child care centre as if any agency was unable to care of for any child or found any lost child, they used to send to them to get cured or for support. Was sitting there and saw children boarding the mini van as they were going out. THey all were waiting patiently to get into the van and there was no hustle bustle. Infact they were very supportive of each other. I asked them the reason for such a peaceful environment and they smiled and said this is the exact same reason. We have peace here. We have love here. We treat them as a descendant of God and with our feelings, they stay so loving and peaceful. Suddenly one child fell while getting into the bus and with a smile, the one behind him helped him in getting up. No one laughed, no one made any comment. Everything was so peaceful and loving.

Then a few days back a friend came over. She was facing a hostile environment at home and she said that she does not feel like going back home. She also shared that they don’t get any guests or it’s very difficult to stabilize maids also. They have a big shuffling of maids. I asked her how the environment is hostile and she said that general joint family issues. She is hardly in conversation with her in laws. They were always taunting her for being from lesser financial family and eventually things turned so bad that they have stopped talking to her. So the next question was, why are you guys not shifting out? She started crying and said that family’s financial situation is like this. Together we all have enough but if we shift out we will not have enough. She said that so many times it happens that they try to organize some Havana or Puja but it just does not happen.

Looking at various such scenarios, I, again and again, feel that only way to reach to God is through love. Where ever is love, God himself will descend. We will not have to make any effort. But if there is an absence of love he will not be there despite of making N number of efforts. So be love, give love, stay on love.