Always being grateful for today.

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Woke up with a bad body ache. Was working till late and whole day did not get two minutes to rest. Got very little time to sleep. Being a mother of twin toddlers, there is a lot of running around. So wanted to complain to myself about the body ache, wanting to sleep more then immediately I felt like someone is saying, even if there is a body ache, what if you do not have this day here? I got the shock of my life. I am peacefully complaining and I know in some time the body ache and all will be fine or it will be fine maximum by tomorrow. But if I wake up somewhere else, what will I be? I will go mad and I will lose my sanity. I will be worried to death about the babies and home and people who call me everyday for coaching. Immediately I was and I have been feeling grateful for the day with all the body aches I have.

It makes me feel that does not matter how bad the situation can be and how much we are complaining, we all love our lives. We want our lives and only our lives desperately. We do not want to be someone else. We want it to be better which is fine and that itself gives us a purpose to live. But we do not want someone else’s life. Then let’s be grateful for life and the moment we have today. Let’s bless the moment we are in instead of complaining about. Let’s bless all the problems we have as they are making us who we are and because of them, we are striving to be better. Let’s be grateful for all the good things we have today. Let’s be grateful for his support always and all the divine help we have from all the directions. Let’s be grateful for own being for working so hard to do so many better things. Let’s be grateful simply that we have today and we have an opportunity to be in this beautiful world and life for one more day. Thank you!