May your day is filled with peace and love today.

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ONe lady called up who was dealing with many issues in her life. After discussing everything, I asked her, what kind of day you would like to have and she said that I want peace. And how do you feel when you are peaceful? She closed her eyes and said that she did not know. It has been a while that she has felt peaceful. Which means she needed a break or else with so much stress, we reach to a point and mentally break down. She started crying. She said that she has been crying lately and she knows it’s because of stress. I invited her for a cup of tea and after she had poured her heart out and all the problems she had been facing. she sat for a while. She asked if she could just close her eyes and think nothing. I felt that she had emptied out all her worries and emotions for that time and she just wanted to be in that state of emptiness. She sat like that for a while, and may be she slept also. When she opened her eyes, she was feeling so peaceful and she could also see many things clearly. She was able to take many small decisions which she had been postponing. After taking a decision, she was feeling very peaceful.
It was so peaceful to see her peaceful.

WE all want to be peaceful and I pray for everyone to be peaceful and happy today.

May your day is filled with lots of joys and smiles
May you exude peace for everyone today.
May everyone who meets you today feels very peaceful.
May you are able to share that peace with everyone around.
May the light spreads from your soul.
May angels and God bring you peace and happiness.
May you are able to release all the stress and free.
May everything is taken care of for you.