Any resentment about money or people with money or power people of money will only create lack.

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Few statements we all can relate with.

1. Money is bad. How dare you call me money minded. I do not care about money. When someone says money minded, I feel bad. Money brings out worst in people. ( All resentment against money)

2. Rich people are bad. Rich people have no values. Rich people have corrupted the system. No one can become rich without doing bad things. Filthy rich! (All resentment against people who are holding money)

3. The economy is corrupt. The government does not want us to earn anything. Taxes are bad. No one can survive in such an economy. (Lots of such resentment against power people of money)

We must have heard of such statements in daily life especially if we are moving in business/self employed or any circle because everyone is running every day to meet finances.

However, this reflects few thought processes:

Bad training about money ( May be they were trained same way) or may be they also came from the feeling of lack
Having a big feeling of lack
General jealousy about what others have and I do not have
Also a feeling that others are to be blamed for my situation
Not having the faith that everything is in abundance and God is the source of everything
I can earn more and more is not the attitude
Things are limited and every resource is limited

all the feelings are of lack and feeling of lack creates further lack. So we need to work on what we are thinking and feeling. So few of the good thoughts which can help us:

God is the source of all abundance here and he is my source too
Everything is in abundance and coming in abundance
Rich people are good
Money is good and having money is further good. I can do so many good things with money
The power system is designed to support is guide us and protect us.
I am grateful for all the abundance and this abundant world
I am happy earning and also happy when others are earning.