Healing can happen only when you surrender your ego.

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Met someone recently who had survived a near death experience. He shared that he was full of ego and he felt that everyone was after his money and he always misbehaved with people. He had hurt those also who had genuinely loved him. One day he met an accident and he was in hospital for many days. When he was unconscious he felt that he was able to see what all they were talking. Not even his own family was feeling very bad or sympathetic towards him. Most of the people were saying how bad he was. After 2-3 days even visitors stopped coming in and he was on the mercy of hospital staff. First he was feeling angry and that was spoiling his situation further. He did not know that to recover he had to feel positive. So one day when he was no longer able to take pain, he surrendered and said God please guide me. That’s when he started surrendering his ego. As soon as he felt ego was going, he felt his pain was also reducing. He felt that this pain was his own creation rather than any punishment or something. He started recovering and when he came out he was totally transformed.

We all have different kinds or problems in relationships, health, money and we do not know how to deal with them. The first step for any kind of healing to happen will be to remove ego as it blocks everything. We need to deal everything with love when we want something to heal. Love will start healing anything. They say a mother’s touch heals everything. But the fact is she touches everything with love and that love heals everything. She does not have any ego for her children. When she looks at then she looks at them with love. If you surrender your ego and create love for whatever you are feeling bad, you will see the transformation in that.