You cannot change the world by further feeling bad for it. It can be changed only with love.

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Had gone to meet a friend and saw him watching news. There were some news about someone being sentenced and he started talking so negative about leaders, country, how foolish people are and many things. I have little less tolerance for such talks. For me, either you do something about it or bless it or atleast do not let it get inside you so much if you cannot do anything. After one hour, I asked him are you doing something about it? He was like what do you mean? I mean you have such a strong opinion about something, you have spent one hour of your precious life talking about it and you are feeling so emotional about it, you must have a plan to do something to change it. He was taken aback and asked, what can I do? Well if you feel you cannot do anything, you can simply bless the nation and do not let it get inside you. You are absorbing it all.

We can never fight fire with fire. Our emotions are creating us, destroying us or they are changing the reality around us. If we start feeling further bad for something which is happening around us, we will add fire to fire which will increase the negativity. Something called as expressing the opinion is about doing same. But if we maintain own calm and loving state, atleast we are not letting that fire reach to our core and into our energy. Probably, that is why this negativity is increasing so much. Everyone simply allows it to reach inside and adds to it.

So what do we have to?
Do not become a part of it. Either do not watch or read about it, learn to ignore it and if you cannot then sit and meditate, cleanse your system, spend time with nature, so that nature can heal your emotions. If there will be bad news, nature will give you pleasant experiences. Heal your emotions to heal your life and then this world. Whatever is bad happening, pray for it, bless it, so that it can receive some positive energy.