See the light within and spread it around.

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One friend came to meet who was little upset about life. recently he had big loss in business and his family life was also not working out. He said that God is angry at him and that’s why all the bad things are happening to him. I told him, God can never be angry at anyone. He loves all of us equally and he is with everyone equally. He wanted to start an argument.

Before we got into an argument I asked him to do an experiment instead of complaining. He had come home because he had a big fight with his wife. I asked him to tell God to solve it for him with love. Next day, he came back with a smile that everything is solved and they were that it got solved because I asked so otherwise it would have been solved long back.

Here is the thing, this time you asked him to be there otherwise you were busy making own calculations like I would say this, what if she was thinking like this. This time you simply removed your ego and surrendered. You asked him to be there and he was there. SO you mean, I have to look with in for him to be there? EXACTLY!

He wanted to hear more. See we all are given equal knowledge, skills and supports. What we use is our choice with our determination. We have heard of the things like in olden days, some pious sage touched someone and the person got healed. We all have that but yes we need to practice that and work on that. When we are hurt, our first reaction is to rub it or lick it. Our body has that healing energy and we are trying to give that energy to it. So we have that healing energy inside us. More we work on it, we will increase it.

We are evolved from light and we are light beings. More we start looking for light inside, more we will be able to spread it around. But we need to have that intentions, surrender, faith and we need to do it with love.