With your purest of intentions, Universe is ready to give it all to you.

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My friend who helps people, guides people and supports them in every way like money or anything else. called up yesterday. While talking and sharing, we reached deep into our dreams and experiences. She shared that few days back, she was sleeping and she saw a dream. She felt that Sai Baba was in her dreams and he was saying, I am with you, supporting you in everything you are doing. I am helping you. She has always believed in him but as such not a follower. Since then she shared that she feels him always around, whenever she is healing someone.

I always get amazed at how much help we have around us. We just have to set our intentions right and the help starts pouring in from all the directions. Things which are heard of as miracles start happening.

Once I was watching a movie where I heard that You have only done what you have done for others. With her purest of intentions, she was helping people, serving them and with that she started getting all the heaven’s help. So many times, I have experienced stories from the people who have set up food support system for poor or education support for kids etc. They have gone through challenges and so many times they had to wait till end, but in the moment some help has always appeared and their work has never stopped. They have always been able to feed if they had decided that. They have always paid all education fee if they are working on that. Help comes in and comes in from all the directions.

So help people, get on the task of serving this world, serving this Universe and Universe will start serving you back.