Pain helps us in becoming better.

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One gentleman who was very aggressive with his employees and everyone in the family changed totally suddenly. Everyone wondered what had happened to him. He kept quiet. One day his best friend asked him what has happened to you. He shared that he had a dream. He saw that he had a heart attack and after one day of initial hustle bustle, people started talking about him. This had to happen to him, he was so bad to people, karma comes back, may be God also won’t take him and many things like that. He shared that he felt that this is how everyone thinks of him. Since then, I realized that how bad I have been and how I can be. It is not the fear of dying because I felt that we all have to die and experiencing that dream was as good as dying but it was the realization that what am I getting. I am not worried about what others think of me as I have never cared about that but its the fact that how much hurt I have caused to people. I have given so much pain to everyone. So now, I try to make things better for everyone.

He was a blessed and lucky guy as generally we do not get an opportunity to correct our actions through dreams. We have to go through practical experiences to have such life transforming events.

With time, we gather lots of experiences in life and these experiences have given us pain. This pain make an opening in our heart through which light enters. With this opening, we get closer to who we are. We become better and compassionate. We are able to relate more with others pain. With this opening, we get closer to God. Because with pain, we establish a connection which we never had before. We reach to the deepest layers of best of ourselves. Pain brings light in our lives.

We need to endure this pain to become better rather than bitter. If we decide to become better, we will be a better soul. Pain is inevitable. It will happen in everyone’s life. That’s how we learn our lessons and we accomplish what we are here to. So it,s an opportunity to learn rather than suffer.