Working hard with a vision is the first step to achieve success.

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A mother of twelve years old brought her son as he wanted to quit studies. He said that I want to do my own work and studies are not important. And I asked him what work he wanted to do, he said that he would join his father’s business. When we kept asking many questions, we realized that lot of it was coming from his father mentioning it on and off and also he was not doing well in studies. So most of it was coming from fear of studies. So the big question was, did he actually want to do business or he was scared of studies. At that time he was fixed on business. They allowed him for sometime but with one condition that he would start something of his own without financial help rather than joining his father’s business. He went back and came back after one week saying, I would like to study as that is a better option. He accepted that he was running away from something rather than chasing something. He also promised that he won’;t be a quitter in life. He would make sure that now onwards whatever he would do, he would complete it rather than leaving in between. After that came that big question. What should I do to be successful? Can it come easily? Can anybody be successful?

1. Yes, anyone and everyone can be successful. The only point is you need to know what is success for you. For someone it is like earning monthly rent. For someone it will be like establishing world’s largest company.
2. Once your vision is clear, you need to know that you have to work hard. You have to give your all. Universe also wants you to be successful. The amount of support you will be getting from the Universe will be in proportion to the amount of efforts you will put in. If you will give 100%, Universe will give 100% too.
3. There will be no failures. But there will be lots pf learning points. Kind of muscle building exercises. So if you want to lift 100 kilos, you cannot lift in one day. Daily you will be practicing and finally you will lift one day.Similarly, you will be practicing daily and one day you will achieve it.
4. Do not give up. Keep working and you will get it.
5. You need to move with faith and strength rather than fear and skepticism.
6. Nothing is impossible of big for you. If you set your heart to it, you can get it.