Don’t curse but bless. Wish them happiness so that they don’t give further pain.

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One gentleman was furious over his brother. As his brother had cheated him in business. He was continuously cursing his brother for the things like he will rot with ailments. Money will be of no use to him etc. After he had cursed enough for few days, I asked him what did you get and if it’s making you peaceful then continue doing it but after few days all those curses were haunting him back. He said that I can’t sleep. Can I think so bad of someone else even if he has done bad to me. Fair enough. And why did you think your brother did that to you? He started ruling out many things and arguments and finally he reached to a point that his daughter was married in a poor house hold and he wanted to make a house for her. Agreed what he did was wrong and should not have been done but would cursing solve it? That moment onward he started blessing his brother and called him up saying he standing by his side. He is not alone. His brother broke down and said that how could he be so nice. He was already under guilt but this action from his brother made him realize and seek forgiveness.

People give what they have. If they have pain, they give pain. If we start cursing them, they will be further pained and will create more pain for people. The only way is to bless them, wish them happiness and wish them healing. If you can step forward, help them in healing or else pray for their healing. If you really want to solve things, you can only solve them with love. You can never fight a fire with a fire. It has to be fought with water. Darkness cannot fight darkness. It can be fought with light. Love can heal the bad they have done to you. I understand you also need healing at that time, so take time and heal yourself. When you will curse, it will only deepen your wounds. The only way is with love. Wish them love.