With my faith, all is perfect.

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Sometimes faith is the only thing which you have and that’s the only thing which you need to get going on the terrains on life. One lady shared that she was unable to conceive as she had married very late in her life. Further more, she had a very stressful environment with her in laws. She really wanted a child and she kept having faith. Doctors told her to go for treatment as they felt there was no hope but something inside her kept telling her that everything is fine. One day, her husband came home with a new job offer in a different city and she conceived immediately after they shifted out. She always wondered about the miracle. She got blessed with a beautiful son after few months. She always said that he is a gift of God. She wondered that how everything fell into place when the time had come.

Similarly, a gentleman in huge debts always had faith that everything will be fine and is fine. He always had a believe that he was taken care of. His this thought itself, helped him in carrying forwards. He said that it’s not that I do not think about my situation but I know he is with me. If he is with me, then why do I have to be worried. He was worried but then he knew he will be fine. This faith helped him in handling toughest of challenges and he was fine finally. Fine means he did great.

One gentleman met an accident and he was on hospital bed for almost a year. Doctors had given up on him saying that he would not be able to walk. But he had faith that he would be fine and walk on his feet again. He worked hard on himself after coming out but he was back on his feet with in few months.

We all are eternally supported. Universe wants to see us happy. But that does not mean we will not have challenges. We may have more challenges but with faith we will come out stronger and we will be able to handle all.

Have faith he is with you
Have faith he is supporting you, guiding you, taking care you
Have faith, you will be fine
Have faith you will get what you want

Be kind, be nice.