People give what they have. If they are hurt, they hurt you more. If they are happy, they give you more happiness.

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One girl called up. She was crying badly that how badly she was being insulted by her mother in law everyday. She shared that my intention is always to serve her and keep the family together but no matter what I do, I am always treated so badly. I never feel that I am a part of this family though I am living here for past two years. After listening to her, I asked her what would she do after many years of hurt? She said that I would treat my daughter in law with lots of love and this is how most of the women think. But when the actual moment comes, the hurt is so big inside they end up doing same which their mother in law had done. May be in different stories but they also end up hurting their successors. They were hurt and they never got time to heal. How can they give love and happiness when they themselves were harboring hurt for years. The girl understood and she decided that she would help her mother in law. She did not bend in front of her but tried giving her more love. She started healing her mother in law and after one year, their relationship started changing. It started changing to the level of trust and understanding.

Another gentleman who was in deep depression said that because of his wife’s constant nagging comments, he has lost his self esteem. She always puts him down proving he is worth nothing. Though he was earning good and was working with a good company. After lots of discussions, it was evident that his wife had lots of complexes about herself. Her background, her appearances and many things. She was living with inferiority complexes and she made live with same. He handled his own complexes and then his wives to smoothen up his life.

On the other hand a little girl was called sun shine by her friends, family and where ever she had gone. She was a happy person. Her face lit up everything. Her face always had a smile. Who so ever talked to her, left with a smile. She shared that she works a lot on her happiness. She forgives who so ever has hurt her. Infact looking at her people assumed that she was never hurt but when I spoke to her she was more hurt than others. However, she had healed herself and she was healing everyone around.

We need to forgive who hurts us. Be happy for who we are and help our loved ones.