May the peace prevails in everything you do, in every thought and in all your relationships.

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One lady who was working at a very senior position was going through extreme stress. She shared that she has everything. Her husband loves her and cares for her. Her children are doing good in studies and her job is very rewarding. However, she does not feel peace. She feels life is running and she is missing out on many things. But what those things are, she did not know. She said that sometime she felt that because she can’t even think what she was missing out, she was feeling more restless. One day, when she was looking at a butterfly sitting on a flower, she could not turn her eyes away. She kept looking at that. She felt so much peace inside her and she knew she needed this peace. She knew, she was having everything in life but she is not staying peaceful watch whats there. To feel that peace. She went home, she saw that her kids were jumping on the bed. It would have given her stress but she again felt peace in their laughter. She wanted this peace. She reached her office and sat there to feel the peace in office. She realized that just because she was running whole day, she was stressing out and she was missing on everything. Otherwise everything was happy and peaceful.

We all need to take that break in life. We all need to feel that peace. We all need to spread that peace. We can spread peace only when we will feel peace. It will not happen on it’s own. We do not have to goto a jungle also in solitude to feel that peace. We need to feel that right now in this moment. We do not have to feel bad for what has happened. We do not have to feel worried for what’s going to happen. After all what matters is that everything is going to be fine. We all are taken care of. This whole Universe is conspiring us to be happy and peaceful. Everything is beautiful and perfect. So let’s be happy and peaceful. let the peace prevails in everything we do and breath.