Choose the blessing you want today.

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I had a dream and I felt God is saying, what do you want today and I actually felt like nothing. Then I felt if I do not know what do i want today, how would I get it? Do I actually not want anything or I want few things but my focus is not there on what I want so how would I get it? It does not necessarily have to be some physical object, it can be anything like health and happiness for self and family, Universal healing, peace, love….a car, a house, a child, child’s future, whatever but there is always something which we actually want. SO the problem is we do not have our focus on that.

So I sat and thought what do I want. First thing was lot of gratitude because I actually started feeling so blessed. Because when I started looking at what I have, I realized I have everything. So, lot of gratitude to express to all the divine help, the work I do, the support I get, the way i am taken care of, angels and Gods around me and my family, having strength to sail through everything, all the support staff, a house to live in, smiles in family, all the running around in life…the love and respect in the family,the love I receive from everyone …it’s so long but then i asked, is there nothing else which I want and I realized yes there are couple of things and I asked God…

What’s the guarantee it will come, it will because everything else also has come in uptil now..few things may be they were not good for me..we march ahead with peace that best will happen as per god’s will..

So wake up guys, wake up with a loving heart, waking up with gratitude and see all the blessings you have and then ask what I want…choose the blessings you want in your life and see them coming. All the heaven’s help is around, all your angels and God want to help you, to see you happy, to see you flourishing and prospering…this whole Universe is conspiring for you to be happy. You choose it too.