A jealous heart creates further lack. A contended heart creates further abundance.

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Two sisters got married in same family with two brothers. They came from a very stable and loving family but we all have to go through challenges in life. So everyone started comparing them and how they both were better or lesser than each other. Somewhere this gave a highly competitive spirit to younger one. The elder one tried telling her what was happening and how they should stay away from all such things but to no avail. Now, hear the stories of two brothers. The younger one had dark complexion and was in job and the elder one was very good looking but could not find any job even after 2-3 years of marriage. The younger one had more money than the elder one which gave a very powerful feeling to the younger one. After 3-4 years, the elder one met a friend in US, who offered him a job there and they shifted to US. Real problems started after that. Now, the elder one who was suffering for last 3-4 years had everything. More money, better looking husband and they also planned their families. Younger one started feeling jealous and this feeling kept increasing. With the passing time the younger couple did not grow as much as the elder one. The elder one tried supporting but younger one always pushed her away saying, she has no idea how it is to be in her shoes.

It is not an uncommon scenario. But it’s a simple law of Universe.

Universe replicates our feelings. Whatever we are feeling, it will magnify them and present them in front of us. When we have jealousy, we are operating with the feelings of lack and a feeling of lack will create further lack. When we are contended and operate with the feeling of abundance and gratitude, we create further abundance. So we need to gauge our own feeling to see what we have in life rather than blaming or taunting someone else. So what shall we do?

Count your blessings
Be grateful
Be happy in what you have first
Have a vision for what you want
Focus on self for creation rather than what someone else has. What you focus upon grows stronger. So you must know where to focus your energy.