Does not matter how challenging the life is, what matters is you are still trying. May everyone is blessed with lots of healing and love today.

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One lady called up and was crying. Yes, generally people call me when they are crying and I have more of pain stories than happy stories. But what matters is that in the end these pain stories get converted into happy stories. So she was upset that she was crumbling under the pressure of life. She had to manage between job, kids and home. Her husband was supportive but she had to take care of home and kids mainly. She said that sometime she feels that if this is all about life? running all day, trying to manage everything and then crash to sleep worrying about few more things. I felt like hugging her. Yes sometimes I feel, we all need that mommy hug. When we were small we were receiving many hugs everyday from everyone and now, rarely we get one. We get so busy in lives that these small thing which make a huge difference get ignored. So I asked her to come over and when she came, we hugged for some time. She felt so relieved. While talking, I realized, she was feeling stressed out and she just needed to relax and talk her heart out. I told her that she was working hard a lot and she was doing fine. She was doing great with all her efforts. She was a great mom and great wife. Hearing this, she started crying. Like she was just waiting to hear some kind words. She said that since she got married, she has been working hard a lot on all the fronts but she has rarely heard one word of encouragement.

So here it goes to all the people who wake up with good intentions to try and to make it in life. To work hard, to take care of their loved ones, to be there for each other that, May God bless you with all the love and healing. may you are always surrounded by angels. Just want to tell you all, you all are doing so great. Go and give hugs to all your loved ones and tell them that they are doing great. We all need it.