The magic of this life is in being happy and grateful.

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Met my old friend and she was so much full of life and happiness. I asked her why are you so happy? She said that life is so magical. And what makes it magical was the next question. She was further happy to share. She said that I feel so peaceful and happy and I just want to thank God more and more. She shared that when I sit for prayers, I wonder what shall I ask and I am at loss of what I have to ask. So I smile and thank God. I tell him that many many hugs and lots of love to him as well. He has been watching over me and taking care of me.

I was immersed in her happiness and grateful attitude and could see the miracle in her eyes. May be I was becoming more greedy for happiness, so I asked her, if she did not have any problem and she said few are there but that’s fine. I know I will be fine, saying this she started smiling again. Later on she shared, that her small daughter was just recovering from virus, her husband’s business was not doing well and his health was also suffering due to stress. I guess enough for anyone to get stressed out and feel worried.

When she shared this true experience started after that. I asked her that how she is so happy and composed despite of all the challenges. She started laughing and said that daily I make a list of all the miracles of life and I find so many. My daughter comes up with amazing stuff and things to talk, my husband gets up and tries to make an effort, then suddenly a butterfly will fly in to add colours and then the miracles go on. So I can worry and lose out on all the miracles or I can simply be grateful for everything in my life. It’s so great. I am working hard but I am so grateful that I have an opportunity to work hard.

I find it magical, so I am enjoying the magic. It’s like problems happen and then everything fall into place. SO either I enjoy the game or get lost in the game.

So let’s count the miracles and get lost in the magic of life.