Keep moving ahead. Your determination will move the mountains.

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Seven years back, met a gentleman who was broke, had no money, his uncle had kicked him and his father out of family business and he had no degree in hand to find a job. He had to leave the studies as he had to first take care of his family. He found a job in a cyber cafe and there he started watching videos also in free time to train himself. He will sleep there to study and watch videos. His employer was also very supportive as he wanted to support the child or young adult. In sometime, he started making softwares and his software sold out well. He established a company in 2-3 years and was making softwares.

He shared his story. He said that he knew he had to do something. Either he could beg for money or find a small job and live like that forever or work hard and become something. He was not educated, he had no money and he had no family support. On the contrary he had to support his family. He said that only thing I had was my intentions and my determination. My intention was very clear that I have to establish a big business and my determination was strong that I will not give up. Even for that if he had to stay awake for nights in cyber cafe to train himself or let’s say for self education.

Not everyone has this story, everyone has some story of determination that when they decided to get something and had their intentions clear (By this I definitely do not mean harming someone or taking what’s not yours like through cheating etc.) and they finally got it. Yes, it is our determination which decides everything here. Universe will replicate our intentions and efforts manifolds. Are we ready for that? So keep moving ahead!

You will move mountains, you will stand on the top, you will have victory, you will win the hearts…