God is guiding us through love to him.

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One gentleman asked the difference between God and love and the answer is, there is no difference. Still he wanted to understand.

So the difference between God and love is same as fire and it’s heat. River and it’s water. Water and it’s flow. Bird and it’s flight. Breath and a body. There is no difference. Because if you remove heat from fire then there is no fire. All these are the main characteristics of the existence. Similarly, if you remove love, then there is no God.

If you want to reach to the fire and you are very far, how would you recognize? You would feel the heat and you would know that you are in the right direction. But if there is no heat, then how would you know, you are reaching there. So if you are experiencing love on the way, you would know that you are in the right direction to find God.

But why do we need to meet God or find God?
That is a good question and the answer is this is where home is. This is who we are. Does not matter how far we travel, how far we have wondered for a day or many days, ultimately we all come back home and feel peaceful. When we get tired of whole journey, this is where we want to be then to rest and relax. A soul can only relax, when it reaches to own home, which is with god. This journey is to find home.

It is like we all are acting like lost souls. We need directions to reach to home. Everyone is giving own direction and has own map. How do we know we are in the right direction? In reality, there is no right or wrong because ultimately every path will take us to same destination. However, still to know if we are doing right or wrong, we need to ask ourselves. If we are feeling love, then we are in the right direction. Love will give us the best feeling something like which we have never experienced before and then we will know it’s the right way. It can start from one thing and will reach to a point where we will feel love for entire creation and then there will be no difference between the lover and the beloved one. That’s when we will know we are home.