If you stay strong and kind, you will sail through everything.

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Two people contacted last month, where I saw the beauty of life. One lady whose husband was not working for last fifteen years suddenly was happy. Her husband was offered a job by his friend as a partner and he had started earning. Suddenly all the ordeals of fifteen years were over. He was earning and they were having a stable life. They did not have to worry about next months expenses. She was laughing and said that though it was tough but we have sailed through it. She shared that it was not easy, so many times she felt like giving up, so many times she felt like walking out but somehow, she kept pulling herself together and finally everything is settled. She said that she wondered if the tough time ever existed!

Another gentleman, who had financial problems for 8 years contacted. He said that he was running into huge debts. Every month it had become a vicious circle. He had to take more debts to pay old ones and every time it was becoming bigger. But when he started recouping his fortune it turned around so beautifully. There was a constant fear, constant harassment from creditors and so many things were happening. But now, everything is fine.

So they shared few things:
1. Tough times do come in everyone’s life but may be in different ways
2. We do feel like walking out but we need to stay strong
3. We have to keep our focus on happy and better future
4. We have to be kind to self and others as that’s the only thing which gives strength. When you help someone else, you are always helped.
5. If you feel lack of strength, ask for more strength. Help is around. Still you have to walk through the fire bed yourself.

We all are made whatever we are with our tough times. Tough times give us a shape like a sculptor. If we will become rigid, we will break. We have to exhibit inner strength and come out beautifully. Once it’s changed, we will be more grounded, stable, beautiful, stronger than ever and yes a kinder soul.