Seeking forgiveness and giving forgiveness, both need strength. Have that.

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Two strange cases came few days back. One was about seeking forgiveness and one was about forgiving someone else. One gentleman doubted his wife of having an affair and accused her of same. After 10 years, their families wanted them to divorce or come together. His wife did not agree. He shared that he did realizes his mistakes but he did not have strength to go and seek forgiveness from his wife. It took him lot of time and finally when his desire to have his kids and wife surpassed everything, he asked her to forgive him. He gathered all his strength, kept his ego aside and finally they came together.

In another one, one business partner cheated his partner and they parted their ways. However, one who cheated, suffered huge losses eventually and the one who was cheated also went through lot of pain in life. As he had lost all money at that time. But he recovered. The one who cheated felt there was no other option other than his old partner and went back to him. It was very difficult for him to forgive him because it was reminding him the constant pain which he and his family had gone through because of financial troubles. He had to gather all his strength to forgive his partner and start business again with him.

To forgive and to ask for forgiveness, both take strength. But both set us the path of love and give us freedom from past. Bible says, forgive and be forgiven. We all have done something good or bad and have hurt people. When we forgive, we are also forgiven for the wrong we have done. More than that, it takes off a huge burden.

Forgiveness is not in words, it’s in heart. When we truly realize that we have done something wrong, how much we have pained someone else and we shall not do anything like that to anyone, not because we are suffering but because we cannot let anyone else have that pain, then we are forgiveness. Something which comes from heart reaches to heart. The forgiveness happens.