Nothing is forced upon you. If you do not like it, do not accept it.

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There were two brothers. The elder one always tried taking permission and if he did not get he did not do something. However, the younger one always discussed and announced his decision from childhood. He always did what he wanted. His parents though said that the elder one is more obedient and the younger one does not care. Hearing this always made elder one feel better about himself but he always felt frustrated as rarely he could do what he wanted to do. Once he asked his mom that why the younger one isn’t stopped from doing what he wanted to do and why was he restricted always. The mother smiled and said,because you accept it and he does not. You need to learn this about life. If you do not take charge of your life others will keep controlling you. If you keep accepting whether you like it or not then people will keep doing that to you. When you do not like something, you need to take a stand for yourself. You like listening to the fact that you are an obedient son and for that you accept everything. Similarly, people will always say such things but you have to see what’s your priority. If you do not like something, do not accept it. There will be inconvenience for sometime but have the courage to change things.

We get settled in our comfort zone and we do not want to change things and that is why we keep accepting. Just because you are accepting does not mean that things will change and the other person will understand. He will never understand. If you really want to change your life and feel better about it, you need to change what you do not like. But mother, that will make you feel bad, yes I will but we will be fine after sometime. Then we will learn to accept that this is how you are.

It is very easy to live in a comfort zone for short term but in a longer run it becomes a cage. We can truly be happy only with freedom. Freedom is uncomfortable in short run as we will have to manage and learn to fly in that. But once we learn to fly (Away from the cage of emotions, society and everything else) we will be happiest.