Your Karma is supreme.

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A gentleman asked what is more important, Karma or mind. As per me, it is Karma. Earth is a land of Karma and we all have to do our Karma. Without that, we will fail the purpose of taking birth.

But then why do we say our mind is the important tool and we shall use our mind power. Why are we trained to use our mind effectively.

See let’s say you have to give a very beautiful presentation and you work hard on it. You make a perfect presentation for your business meeting. So you go there and stand but not speak anything. You ask them to see your presentation. So do you think you will get success? On the other hand, if you have no presentation, there might be a difficulty in explaining, but you still may be able to carry it forward. However, if you combine both of them, you present it well and you take a support of the presentation, you will be able to deliver a perfect speech and explain it well. The chances of success will be highest. So preparing your mind is like a perfect presentation. Standing their and delivering is like your Karma. If you combine both, your chances of success will be highest. But you can definitely never succeed only with a presentation but not doing anything in the meeting. We need to combine both.

Why are we bound by karma?
This Universe is designed with certain laws and whoso ever has designed it also follows them when they are here. God designed it and when he was born, he also did his Karma. He had all the mind power but still he took all the physical actions to achieve what he wanted. Without Karma, there is nothing. Mind power gives direction and better shape to karma or they might be directionless and go wasted but without Karma, there will definitely be no result.