May every energy gets permeated into love today. May all is healed.

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One girl who grew up in a small village in mountains wanted to serve people who were suffering from natural calamities like Earth Quake or flood etc. However, whenever she visited such place, she immediately fell sick. She did not know how to carry forward her inner calling. Once while travelling, she met a energy healer and she discussed her issue. He felt that she was too sensitive to energies and she needs to move ahead with some prayer. So he asked her to visit such places with a prayer that May every energy is permeated into love and all is healed. She wanted to understand the meaning and here it goes:

We are energy beings and we are a part of energy system. We exchange energy and we transform the energy. Energy is never destroyed nor created. So whenever she was visiting such places, as they were full of pain, she was also absorbing lot of pain which was making her sick always. But when she started praying that everything should change to love and all gets healed, she started healing rather than falling sick.

We all can do that. At home, in office, in meetings, wherever we go. Specially people who are in the profession of healing/serving people like healers, doctors etc. They always meet more and more people with pain with a huge responsibility to heal that pain. Often we end up absorbing that pain and we suffer. So it is important that we allow this pain to change into love. Why not something else? Because love is the guiding force of Universe. love is the presence of God himself. It is the highest form of energy. So when every energy gets converted into love, it reaches to it’s highest level. So may all is healed and all is permeated into love today.